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June 1, 2011

Well, Crypticon is over.  It was great fun! Met some great people and picked up some work by fellow authors.  Check out the photos.

Crypticon Seattle's 2011 anthology
by Blysster Press
2nd Place for "Murder Spring"

That's right, looks like the crows around here really can be a source of horror.
Another story of mine "There Is No Escape" also made it into the anthology.  Aside from that there are four other great tales inside.  Highly recommended reading.  Get your hands on one today.

In other news, my fantasy novel The Siege of Antrell is almost ready to send out in search of a publisher.  Just a little more tweaking and it'll be good to go.  Currently working on a zombie novel as well.

Keep checking back.  More to come!
Blysster Press
Down Darkened Paths
to be re-released!

July 5th, 2011

Yes, it's true.  Down Darkened Paths is about to be re-released by Blysster Press.
This new edition will have five more tales added to the original nineteen.  It should be available late this Summer.  More details for you as I recieve them.

In addition to that wonderful news, I've got an awesome new picture at the top of the page.  My sincere thanks go out to M. Cuffe for putting it all together so quickly.

There's a new short story, "John Chapman and Scarred Angus: A Tale of Resurrection Men", coming out later this year in Zombie Zak's House of Pain.  Be sure to pick up a copy of what is sure to be another great anthology of horror.

And finally, keep your fingers crossed.  There may be a fantasy novel by yours truly by the end of the year.  Keep your eyes peeled.
And I haven't forgotten about that zombie novel...
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August 4th

Down Darkened Paths is now available from Blysster Press!

The presses are rolling, get your copy today!  The anthology has a retooled cover and an additional  tales of horror, bringing the total mayhem to 24 stories in all.
For excerpts, click here.
All books purchased from the Blysster site will come signed.

Coming Soon

The Siege of Antrell

Wolfram is an assassin on a mission of vengeance. His quest takes him to the settlement of Antrell—a dwarven crafted fortress turned human settlement of the Moradi Empire.

Antrell is a nearly forgotten place, far out on the edge of the empire. Few purposely travel there. Its population is a spare three-hundred haunted souls. When a force of six-thousand bloodthirsty orcs fall upon Antrell those within must come together and fight to survive. The choices of every man and woman will impact the odds of defeating the horde and seeing the dawn.

If his identity had not been revealed and the forces of the law had not accosted him, Wolfram might have been gone before the slavering beasts came to slaughter and feast on man-flesh. Now Wolfram must fight beside those whom hate and mistrust him or they will all surely fall.

This fantasy novel will be available from Blysster Press in the coming months.

Click here for a sneak peak of the first chapter.
Visit Clyde Wolfe on Facebook at www.facebook.com/clydewolfe
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Update 8/23/2011:
The Siege of Antrell

Just waiting on the proof to arrive. Once everything is given a once over, the book should be going to print. Look for it soon. Very soon.

For now, enjoy the awesome cover art---by Nick "The Hat" Gucker. Check out his other work here. Fan-tas-tic!
Nick the Hat
Art Creep
The Works of
Rick & Melinda Reeves
Charity Becker, author of the Presence series
Down Darkened Paths fan page HERE
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Special thanks to Zombie Zak for putting together this great promo of
Down Darkened Paths.

Give him cookies!
September 13, 2011
And check out this review of 
Down Darkened Paths
by Michael S. Gardner
on his website
Living Dead Corner
Fantastic Site!
Great Reviews!
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Horror Realm 2011
The Pittsburgh sky at dusk.
A zombie with a lazy eye.
The evil Debris Demon.
The revered librarians of the Library of the Living Dead!
My first reading.
Read It'll Go Bad Fast from
Down Darkened Paths.
(From left to right: Clyde Wolfe, Eric Lowther, Stavros)
So my first convention appearance as an author was great fun. Had a blast getting to know some fellow writers (Stavros, Brad Zipprich, Michael S. Gardner, Doc Pus, Zombie Zak, Kim Paffenroth) and meeting the fans of Horror as well as a few of the icons of film. Got to chat a bit with Ken Foree and had Bill Mosley keep stopping by to swipe some candy.

Book sales for me and my table partner C. Dulaney weren't the best, but we unloaded a fair amount. Need to keep that in mind so I don't lug around too many copies in the future. Shipping is NOT cheap.

The hotel itself was very nice. No complaints. Well, except for the power blowing out the morning of the con's first day. It was a little chilly that morning without heat.

There were some great bands playing Saturday night and it was fun to kick back and chat with folks at the party.

In all it was a most enjoyable trip. Looking forward to next year's
Horror Realm!
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Dark Discussions Podcast
Horror Realm Author Panel
Quick Interview Piece at Horror Realm 2011
Courtesy of Zombie Zak
* Watch me make a fool of myself by saying the wrong year. *
Just want to say a quick Thank You to the guys at Dark Discussions for giving me the chance to speak to them at Horror Realm.
If you're interested in hearing the whole podcast, click the link below to be taken to the podcast site. My few minutes of fame come in Part I, about 25 minutes into the podcast.
Dark Discussions Podcast
Part II
Part III
Part I
My first Reading!

Thanks go to Horror Realm for giving me the venue, to Doc Pus of the Twisted Library for the invite, Zombie Zak for filiming and putting the videos up, Dan Galli for moderating, and my fellow authors Eric Lowther and Stavros for the honor of sitting up there beside some very talented writers.

Lastly, Special Thanks to the people who showed up to hear us talk!

If you're interested in hearing a few writers babble, click the videos below.
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Pictures from ZomB Con 2011:
Until next time...
***       The BIOHAZARD Party!       ***
The gang from Permuted Press and their tables of goodies.
Zombie killer heaven. So many sharp and pointy blades...
She's just looking for her husband. We think...
Passers by.
If you don't know of it, check it out!
Some of the Blysster Press authors:
left to right:
Clyde, Charity, Melinda, & Rick

**Yes, the wackjob in the middle IS the publisher**
ZomB Con 2011:
So ZomB Con has ended for the time being. It was another fun convention: sold a few more books, talked to some people I've only known by their names on a cover, and spent some quality time with my fellow Blysster Press authors. Oh, and spending more money than I should have on other books. The shelf is loaded with over 70 unread novels now.
The hotel was ok, I just wish my room wasn't nearly a mile away from the ballrooms. So many twists and turns to get from my bed to the selling floor. At least I didn't have to ship anything to the hotel this time around.

Also, just want to take a moment to thank my fellow authors: Charity, Rick, and Melinda for making it an enjoyable weekend. And a further thanks go to Born, Lisa, and Eric for pimping our stuff all weekend.

Really looking forward to the next convention slated on my schedule:
Crypticon 2012!
*        *        *       *       *
Author Spotlight
I was recently given an opportunity to rant on Michael S. Garnder's website:
Living Dead Corner
Check it out here.

If you haven't already checked out Mike's site, I suggest you do so today.
Thanks again, Mike!
November 4th:

All proceeds apace. Now that the conventions I'm attending for the year are concluded, it's back to the writing.

You can check out the pictures from Horror Realm and ZomB Con below, as well as a few interviews and videos with yours truly.

On the slate currently are two projects: the next chapter in Wolfram's quest (the "sequel" to The Siege of Antrell) and that zombie novel I should have completed before now. In addition, both Down Darkened Paths and The Siege of Antrell should be available in ebook format over the next few months.

Keep checking back for further updates.
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Down Darkened Paths and The Siege of Antrell

for more information.
If you're looking to find some up and coming new authors, why not take a look at the Cryption Seattle's De-Compositions 2012!

The new horror anthology features the writing contest winner: A. Marie Dinsmore. As well as stories by Vlad Suckerpunch, Eleanora Jayne, Nate D. Burleigh, Matt Poisso, R.R. Brookwood, and Ted Patrick. In addition to these brand new tales you'll also recieve sneak peeks into the books of Blysster Press authors Charity Becker, Kyona Jiles, Joe Teeples, and yours truly, Clyde Wolfe.

Another memorable time at Crypticon Seattle!

It was great hanging out with fellow Blysster Press authors: Charity Becker, the newly wed R.L. and M.R. Reeves, Kyona Jiles, and Joe Teeples. Getting a chance to talk with various authors and exhibitors around the event was a lot of fun. And, of course, meeting all you readers and fans out there was a blast!

After the zombie-vampire wedding, being a judge for the writing contest, and the awesome Biohazard Parties (which the head of Biohazrad, A. Marie Dinsmore came out on top in the writing contest), I can't wait to see what the next convention brings.
*        *        *       *       *
July 5th, 2012

Down Darkened Paths gets another review!

Thank you Twisted Geeks for taking the time and giving the anthology a read.

Caution: Some Spoilers