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About Clyde Wolfe
Clyde Wolfe is an avid reader of all types of fiction and non-fiction.You never know when the smallest detail can spark a fire and create a tale. That's why he has a mountain of journals and scraps of paper with indecipherable scrawlings everywhere.

Clyde's latest release, Guardians: Desolate Souls, is the first superhero novel set in a new land of superpowered wonder and monstrosity. His horror anthology, Down Darkened Paths, and the first book in the Assassin's Quest series, The Siege of Antrellavailable. 

His fiction has appeared on and Printed works have appeared in Wild Wolf's Holiday of the Dead anthology and in the Crypticon Seattle's De-compositions 2011. His story "Murder Spring" won second place in the Crypticon Seattle's 2011 writing competition. Clyde's work has also appeared in Blyssfully Abnormal alongside other Blysster Press authors.

In addition to crafting quality, entertaining stories, Clyde works as a freelance editor and proofreader. He also worked as a Junior Editor at Blysster Press.
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